Photograph by Bailey Harada-Stone for "San Francisco's 30 Most Eligible Bachelors" in Business Insider

Status: Currently available for hire. Also available for speaking engagements, advisor roles, article contributions, and feature bylines. Will work pro bono for small DIY makers. I accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments. Click here to view my current resume.



Born and raised in California, Sherilynn “Cheri” Macale is an achievement driven and multiple award-winning full-stack creative digital marketer specialized in social media, branding, photography, copywriting, video, design, and optimizations based on data. She actively works to blend her passion for all things creative with her career experience in agency and in-house marketing, resulting in visually compelling and emotionally moving multimedia campaigns that often go viral online or receive critical acclaim.

Blogging and vlogging since 2001, Cheri has become a trusted lifestyle blogger and social media personality with content centered around expert storytelling and her love for business merged with creative passion. With over 500,000+ followers across the web, her background as a social media influencer affords her unique insights into developing successful content marketing campaigns involving multiple stakeholders with celebrity endorsement.

Cheri grew up with dreams of being an artist, and through, she hopes to present a visual feed of her proudest achievements in creative work blending art with business strategy.

She currently resides in San Francisco, CA.


Honors, Achievements, & Awards

Note: This section is under construction while I scour over 9+ years of experience for additional achievements.