Founder Tips: 5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Your Own Company

I spent the last year of my life learning what it takes to be the sole founder and employee of a company. The accrual of founding experience is the sort of knowledge that can't be built by working alongside a CEO or in a senior level role supporting C-level management. And while you'll certainly learn a lot about the challenges of making executive decisions in these sort of positions, absolutely nothing compares to hands-on experience trying, succeeding, and/or failing at building a company of your own making.

The following is a list of tips I've picked up from building my own company. Pardon the foul language. I use it only to emphasize in a humorous way, and believe I've earned the right to use it after a year spent working 60 - 80 hours a week for very little pay (isn't being an entrepreneur fun).

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