honors, awards, & achievements

Winner: Best Use of Multi-platform social media

Date: January 2015
By: Xtreme Tech Challenge at CES 2015

Awarded for best use of cross-platform social media to drive traffic, engagement, and more to the Xtreme Tech Challenge campaign.

Promotion: Director of Communications

Date: October 2014
By: SKULLY Systems

Promoted for leading the campaign that raised SKULLY $2.4 Million on Indiegogo, managing SKULLY's PR and Web Dev team, learning how to ride a motorcycle and obtaining a personal motorbike when prompted to by management, and individually creating all core branding assets including: website copy, customer service macros, social media engagement, product descriptions, print copy, company voice, company key messaging, email marketing campaigns, executive bios, C-level speeches, C-level letters, C-level blog posts, making informed decisions on campaign strategy based on our actual revenue, running and creating all digital advertising, masterminding industry and community events and submitting SKULLY for awards, etc.

#8 Most Watched YouTube Ad

Date: August 2014
By: YouTube and SKULLY

Awarded for the SKULLY AR-1 campaign video for Indiegogo. https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/platforms/video/leaderboards/youtube-leaderboard-aug-2014.html

Date: August 2014
By: Indiegogo

Creator of all copy, branding, marketing, and lead on digital strategy behind the SKULLY launch, including community and loyalty retention strategy, events held during the campaign, and more. Worked closely with SKULLY co-founders and PR team to develop a cross-platform marketing, PR, and advertising strategy that would meet business and revenue goals.

Record: Fastest Indiegogo Campaign to Reach $1 Million Raised